Alas, I have lapsed on my regular blog posting. My world got a bit turned upside down with moving our home, then traveling for the holidays with most of our belongings still in boxes. It made me realize how easy it is to fall out of practice.

I took my runes with me, with the idea of continuing my daily practice of a centering meditation then drawing a rune .. and …. nope, nothing. Didn’t do it once on the trip.

I do miss it though, and this morning I started again .. well without the runes, I can’t seem to find them.

It’s amazing how quickly habits can be lost … and it takes a while to get them back too.

Habits are also sometimes situation. I have a morning devotional habit when I’m home, but that same habit is gone when I’m not home. My surroundings are different, so the habit changes.

Take some time and observe .. what are you habits? how do they change?

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